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Hi. My name is Jolene Frances. I'm a 27 year old Aquarian INFP, visual artist, and mum to-be. I live with my boyfriend and our three cats. I've been making webpages for over 10 years in an attempt to share my art with others. I like to dabble in many forms of expression - blogging, graphic design, mixed media collaging, poetry, photography, and I have even been known to tinker with a bit of music-making.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of the following:

HIRE ME                                            
I'm always looking for freelance graphic design work. I'm most interested in creating album art and designing book covers, but I can help you with any of your graphic design needs. In the past, I have: designed logos, created ad banners, coded web sites, and designed menus and flyers for clients. So feel free to email me and we can discuss the details.

I love meeting fellow artists! If you have an idea for an art collaboration, let me know. Really, it could be anything. I'm open to any ideas you may have.

PRESS INQUIRIES                              
I would love to be interviewed or have my work featured in your blog, zine, or book. & Conversely, if you would like to be featured on my blog, let me know! Don't be shy!

LET'S BE FRIENDS                            
You're welcome to send an email if you have random questions for me, or just want to say hello. Other acceptable mail includes: fan art, stories & secrets, and cute koala pictures.